What our heroes can do for you


All mobile or desktop companies in today's world are communicating using API.
Our software heroes can help you create API for mobile app, existing application, all other needs.

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Data mining

Wants to collect high quality data quickly? Reach our team so we can help you do that and keep your data up-to-date.

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Enterprise platform

If you need internal platform for your company feel free to contact us.

We can build software from scratch, went with you through plan phase and help deliver everything on time.

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Process automation

Everybody want to save the money? Do you know that automating some of manual processes in your company can create some free resources so your employers can spend this time on different things?

Let's talk and check what we can do for you.

Sass platforms

Have Sass platform idea but no resources to create it? Our Software Heroes can deliver ready sass for you.

Body leasing

Need PHP / TypeScript developers?
We have some heroes who sometimes are in stand-by mode.
Our SoftwareMan Team is open to work together with your team.

Contact SoftwareMan

E-mail:  hello@softwareman.tech

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